Don’t Ask but someone in these photos claims to have stolen a dolphin.

Natalie and David got married a few weeks ago at The House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.  With wedding wellies, staged fake surprise photos, and full on running races this couple really know how to relax and have fun on one of the biggest days of their lives.

In what seems to be a regular occurence on the McBeth Photography Blog I will be giving you some interesting animal related facts.  This time, Dolphins.

1.  Dolphins would die if they fell completely asleep so they just sleep with one side of their brain at a time.

2. Dolphins are very sexually promiscuous.

3. Dolphins evolved from land animals.

4. The Orca (killer whale) is the largest of the dolphin family.

5. Dolphins have two stomachs, like cows.  Unlike cows, you can’t buy dolphin milk in your local Co-Op. Try Waitrose.

Im outa here.


Craig xxx



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