I have glimpsed  both TOWIE & Made in Chelsea in the past by accident.  Horrendous programs but I was struck by how glamorous everyone was (compared to me).  I think they could set a similar show in Glasgow, like River City but with…..hmmm…..  I have no idea, I have never seen River City but I am assuming it aint glamorous.  I think there is a character called Spud though, and Tony the track suit.

Anyway, Laura and Russel’s wedding at Sherbrook Castle Hotel reminded me of TOWIE etc (hope that’s not insulting).  I have never seen such glamour in real life.  I worked out that if you stacked on top of each other all the heels they would be three quarters the height of Edinburgh Castle.  If you included the ladies shoes it would reach the top. boom boom!!

But you see, all this glamour and beauty came with no semblance of pretence or pomposity.  It was just a pure dead brilliant Glasgow knees up.

Here are some photos to illustrate. L&R-WD-102 L&R-WD-107 L&R-WD-136L&R-WD-149 L&R-WD-150 L&R-WD-164 L&R-WD-215 L&R-WD-225 L&R-WD-229 L&R-WD-242 L&R-WD-254 L&R-WD-318 L&R-WD-330 L&R-WD-334 L&R-WD-349 L&R-WD-364 L&R-WD-408 L&R-WD-419 L&R-WD-183 L&R-WD-428 L&R-WD-441 L&R-WD-452 L&R-WD-463 L&R-WD-466 L&R-WD-488 L&R-WD-489 L&R-WD-495 L&R-WD-498 L&R-WD-503 L&R-WD-520 L&R-WD-526 L&R-WD-546 L&R-WD-548 L&R-WD-556 L&R-WD-558 L&R-WD-562 L&R-WD-564 L&R-WD-567 L&R-WD-571 L&R-WD-588 L&R-WD-596 L&R-WD-602 L&R-WD-606 L&R-WD-624 L&R-WD-638 L&R-WD-652 L&R-WD-654 L&R-WD-658 L&R-WD-661 L&R-WD-672 L&R-WD-676 L&R-WD-684 L&R-WD-695

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