Emma and Martin were married in Canongate Kirk a few weeks ago with Emma being the third generation of her family to tie the knot in this beautiful church.

Here, have a wee look. E&M-WD-107 E&M-WD-115 E&M-WD-110 E&M-WD-123 EM-WD-198-1 E&M-WD-166 E&M-WD-170 E&M-WD-178 DSC_3602 E&M-WD-185 DSC_3651 E&M-WD-244

The crown below marks the queens pew.  Its roped off and even when she ain’t there no one is allowed to sit in it.  Crazy.

E&M-WD-131 E&M-WD-236 DSC_7827 E&M-WD-255 E&M-WD-257


After the ceremony we were all off to The Royal College of Physicians for the cerebration.  I love the RCPE. E&M-WD-288 E&M-WD-321 E&M-WD-333 E&M-WD-326 E&M-WD-423 E&M-WD-343 DSC_8773 E&M-WD-484 DSC_8841 E&M-WD-516 E&M-WD-446 E&M-WD-398 E&M-WD-394 E&M-WD-566 E&M-WD-407 DSC_8625 E&M-WD-427 E&M-WD-444 E&M-WD-577 E&M-WD-559 E&M-WD-415 E&M-WD-581 DSC_8978 E&M-WD-601 E&M-WD-607 E&M-WD-600 DSC_4077 DSC_4089 E&M-WD-621 E&M-WD-605 E&M-WD-617 E&M-WD-625 E&M-WD-584 E&M-WD-614 E&M-WD-527 E&M-WD-640 DSC_4107 DSC_4119 E&M-WD-596 E&M-WD-645 E&M-WD-530 E&M-WD-635 E&M-WD-671 E&M-WD-673

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