Six years I have been doing this whole wedding photography thing but this was a first.  The setting was the spectacular Dalhousie Castle just south of Edinburgh.  There was a distinct purple theme which was aided by all the guests being asked to wear something of that hue.  The day resembled a Prince fanclub meet up (younger reader may not understand that comparison).

Here are some images from Victoria and Callum’s wedding.

V&C-WD-102 V&C-WD-106 V&C-WD-108 V&C-WD-124 V&C-WD-115 V&C-WD-149 V&C-WD-143 V&C-WD-187 V&C-WD-207 V&C-WD-227 V&C-WD-232 V&C-WD-347 V&C-WD-326 V&C-WD-382 V&C-WD-384 V&C-WD-393 V&C-WD-404 V&C-WD-430 V&C-WD-441 V&C-WD-460 V&C-WD-464 V&C-WD-503 V&C-WD-528


However…. There was a wee mix up with the paperwork and Poor Vicki and Callum were unable to get married on the day.  Instead the ceremony was a celebration of their love and no less special for it too.

After a spectacular “wedding” day they headed off for the Honeymoon of many lifetimes to Madagascar.

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