I think there is an ancient Chinese proverb which is something like, when a monkey starts blogging, monkey must blog regularly.   Makes perfect sense but, I struggle with time at this busy time of year.

If I’m right I have done three weddings and two pre-wedding shoots since my last post.  I cant show you one of the weddings as the bride and groom are still in Australia for another two weeks (lucky %$&*^%£$)  Hi Sarah-Jane and Matt.

As well as click click work it has been a busy time in the office.  Big high fives and shoulder banging handshakes to McBeth Photography’s newest clients, Kate & Ewan, Christine & Alistair, Yvonne & Cameron, Sarah & Alistair, Lynsey & Stuart and I think lastly (sorry if I missed someone) Lesley &  Stewart.

Also its welcome back to Laura & Dan who met me in Edinburgh on a wet Sunday morning for coffee and a pre-wedding shoot.

And hello again to Steph and Gordon who were hungover for our shoot a couple of days ago.  They made me buy the tea and coffee and talked about testicles.  I think talk of testicles is a sign that you feel confortable with your photographer.


I’m too tired to continue tonight.  I with correct all the mistakes in this post and show some images from recent weddings tomorrow.


Night all. xx



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