Every now and again I cover a wedding which I know I will never forget.  Victoria and Gordon’s was one of these.

Cake (lots of), vintage dress, vintage veil from an old lady who got married in it, all the ladies wearing gloves, readings from Pooh and Ogden Nash, crying, a dog that drinks coffee, a london bus round Arthurs seat, groom in a self tied bow tie, paper windmills, twirls, more cake, Champagne from vintage tea cups, the best veggie food i have ever had (thanks to Heritage Portfolio, the beautiful Royal College of Physicians, a speech by a bridesmade which made me cry, all the bridesmaids doing dance routine and lastly the most original 1st dance song ever.  Oh, and more cake.



Thats all the images I can show just now until the bride and groom see them all.  There are so many more lovely shots I cant wait.


Thanks for looking.


Craig xx



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