Actually I look the same, although I did shave my head yesterday, summer you know.

It’s the website which has the new look and special thanks need to go to the wonderfully talented Vici for doing all the work on the re-design.

My aim was to have a site which is not the typical photographer’s guff.  You know the type, they talk about themselves in the third person like “Craig is driven by an almost overwhelming love of all things photographic“.  I wanted my site to be less pretentious, more friendly and easier to read.   Everything on my website is true; I do like tractors and Kiwi fruit do make me tingle.

Anyway, business.  Can’t wait for Debs and Tom to get back from Cuba so I can show them their wedding shots.  Still working on the shots from last weekend’s wedding of Debbie and Michael.  Can’t remember if they are on honeymoon.  They must be.  Either that or they are ignoring my emails.  Will blog some shots from their big day once they have seen them.

Ok, photos, or images as we photographers like to call them.

This glamorous line up is just some of the Lauderdale ladies who are taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival next week and raising money for Bliss Scotland.  It was a little embarassing when they all turned up in the same outfit.

Please, everyone, visit their just giving site and make a donation.

Ok folks, the first post on the new blog.  There will be typos as Jess isn’t around to proof read it just now. Sorry.


Craig xxx



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