Balamory people! Bala effin’ mory People!

That’s that out the way.


Ok, Nikki and Bryan are Rally aficionados (geeks) and they come to Mull and Tobermory (Balamory really) all the time to see crazy fools drive dangerously fast on roads originally designed for goat drawn carriages.  So there was really no other choice for their smallish, fun and relaxed wedding.

The view from the terrace of the Western Isles Hotel , looking down on Tobermory (Balamory really) harbour was breathtaking.  Actually, it was’t breathtaking.  Falling off a swing and landing on your back is breathtaking.  The view was very very very nice, especially as the weather was so damn good.

There was Balloons, fancy soap, tears (mainly Bryan’s), Louboutins, fresh langoustine (which I had no idea how to eat), the best looking Best Man I have ever seen and check out Bryan’s suit.

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