Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? Either a stupid question or a very deep one which would need Prof Cox to answer. Anyway, this next one seems like only yesterday (not really, just a figure of speech, but doesn’t seem that long ago).

Possibly the funnest (not sure that’s areal word) wedding of the year was just down the road with Debbie and Andrew. Debbie put so much thought and effort into her perfect day that it was just fantastic to see them both enjoy it so much. It was a proper Borders party.

Anyway, the next “wedding slideshow with inappropriate music” is from their day. This time the music is very special to me and Jess. If we were to have “a song” then this would be it. When I hear it i’m reminded of us on long drives in a tiny, green Citroen AX listening to cassettes (kids ask you folks about cassettes)

Just checked, funnest isn’t a word. Should be. I’m keeping it in.

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